Arnot Development Consultancy Ltd

Arnot Development Consultancy Ltd



Intervening Positively to Create Sustainable Development


Arnot Development Consultancy (ADC) Ltd is a small, professional company focused on development issues primarily, but not solely, in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. It was established by Patience and Bob Arnot as a response to gaps they identified in current market provision, and on the basis of their extensive experience designing and delivering development programmes. It prides itself in managing complex change processes and projects that require professional, organisational and managerial skills.


ADC seeks to provide a highly focused and customised set of inputs into development processes. Its principal consultants are supplemented by a broad network of seasoned development experts with appropriate technical knowledge and practical experience. ADC is committed to ensuring that real value-for-money is provided to clients with no recourse to ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions or pre-determined ‘template-led’ solutions. All interventions are custom-designed to meet the actual needs of clients based on real local circumstances.


ADC has a firm commitment to problem-driven, iterative and adaptive programme management and evidence-based solutions. It recognises that taking a systems view to addressing problems can help unlock positive change and manage unintended consequences in any context of intervention.


ADC principal consultants have worked in various senior capacities on programmes financed by the British Council, the Department for International Development, the Foreign, Commonweath & Development Office and the European Union.


Working with KDA Accountants Ltd


When the business was established in 2021, Patience and Bob had only just returned from nearly 20 years working overseas and were out of touch with UK requirements and legislation in terms of personal tax, VAT and everything concerning the establishment of a company. Keith Dale and the team at KDA Accountants led Patience and Bob through all these processes, and helped them establish the required vehicle/organisational structure and systems to move forward with their work.


For Bob, ”Keith and his team are very friendly, patient and helpful, and are always at hand to answer any questions comprehensively – no matter how simplistic those questions may seem. They are also very professional and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. Working with KDA Accountants has really helped ADC progress”.


To find out how KDA Accountants or ADC could help you, contact:

KDA Accountants: visit:; email:; call 01296 821501.

ADC: email:; call 07933 327757.


What’s more, if you already work with KDA Accountants and would like to feature in a case study, just let them know at the above contact details!