Orlando’s Fine Foods Ltd

Orlando’s Fine Foods Ltd



Supplying high quality wine and food


Orlando’s Fine Foods Ltd (Orlando’s) is a unique retailer and wholesaler supplying wine and food inspired by the Tuscan and Sicilian roots of its founder and owner Alan Norchi. It is based in Plymouth with customers throughout South Devon and beyond.


The first incarnation of Orlando’s began in 2001 with a mobile espresso and deli van in Buckinghamshire, which then evolved to include a cafe in Aylesbury. It was at this cafe that Keith Dale of KDA Accountants Ltd became a regular customer, then a friend, then Orlando’s accountant.


Working with KDA Accountants


At first, Orlando’s was a small business, and the management of it rather ad hoc. For example, Keith would receive a carrier bag full of sometimes scrappy receipts from which he would patiently prepare the accounts.


However, over the last 20 years or so the working relationship between Orlando’s and Keith and his team has evolved and strengthened. This also applies to Alan and Keith’s friendship – they have even run a cricket club together!


Currently, KDA Accountants provide Orlando’s with the professional expertise and advice required to work through its business situations and problems, thus enabling Orlando’s to focus on the development of its core business.


More specifically, KDA Accountants look after Orlando’s accounts, corporate and personal tax returns, VAT submissions and some of its bookkeeping. ‘’As the business grows’’, according to Alan, ‘’it is very reassuring to know that we have the help and support of KDA Accountants behind us. Few of us enjoy dealing with the financial structures required to run an efficient and successful business, but Keith, Jemma and the rest of the team enable us to relax a little, and if we need help it’s very good to know there’s a friendly and knowledgeable service to call upon’’.


What’s more, ‘’They (KDA Accountants) do this in a prompt and professional manner. In a world of often brusque and careless service, Keith and his team have a sincerely friendly and helpful attitude, where no question is too silly, and it’s fine to call if there’s the need’’.


Alan also considers KDA Accountants to be excellent value for money, and he has ‘’no doubt that as Orlando’s grows and evolves, KDA Accountants will be instrumental in its success. Of all the business issues that keep me awake, our accounting needs will not be one of them’’.


To find out how KDA Accountants or Orlando’s could be of use to you, contact:

KDA Accountants: visit: www.kdaaccountants.co.uk; email info@kdaaccountants.co.uk; call 01296 821501.

Orlando’s: visit: www.orlandos-wines.uk (for viewing only, not currently for e-commerce); email: alan@orlandos-wines.uk; call 07974 561919.


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What’s more, if you already work with KDA Accountants and would like to feature in a case study, just let them know at the above contact details!