Require Cover

KDA?s Accounting and Bookkeeping services are available to provide interim cover, either on an in-house basis or remotely as required. This may be to cover sickness, maternity or just a peak or unexpected work load. Available in a timely, flexible manner, it is a cost effective and efficient resource.

Professional and dependable support from KDA

KDA professional services are available for in-house or remote secondment roles as needed. Whether to assist on specific projects, deal with variable work flows, absences or knowledge gaps, our experts are the perfect resource to complement your existing capabilities.


Key Strengths of KDA Accounting


1 Flexibility 

Unlike an employee or even a temping agency, we provide true flexibility. The company secretarial requirements of a company often fluctuate throughout the year, generally around maternity, sickness, or just the person taking a secondment.
KDA?s support can be tailored to meet the needs and timing of your company supplying the right resource when you need it, and only when you need it.


2 Experience 

Our services have a wide range of experience of working with SME companies, the depth and breadth of experience means that they will be up-to-speed incredibly quickly ready to support you.


3 Industry Expertise

Our staff have the specialist and up-to-date knowledge you require to ensure that you are following best practice. This means that they are immediately able to add value and experience to your existing systems.


4 Availability 

With no shortlists, notice periods, or recruitment fees to pay, KDA can provide a cost effective and timely solution to your company secretarial requirements.


5 Full range of support

If your requirements are greater than any individual can provide, you can be confident that they are still able to call on the support and expertise of our accountancy professionals back at base.