SME Businesses

With so many current and incoming regulations overwhelming the UK business routine, it is incredibly hard for small and medium-sized business owners to keep track of all these accounting and taxing things. Our team of accounting experts is here to provide you with assistance so that you spend less time on receipts and invoices and more time on actually overseeing all the daily business operations of yours.


Your own part-time or on-demand accountant.

KDA’s Business Accounting is done using all the latest bookkeeping tools, which gives us the option to see your fiscal calendar and key information through faster, better and in a more efficient way. Plus, from day one, you get your own dedicated, on demand accountant, who will keep track of everything you ask him to.


Online accounting, in real time, anytime and anywhere.

With cloud-based software as a nice addition to all other services, we offer each of our clients gets their very own, secure portal, meaning that absolutely any client of ours can easily access all the information that you need about your business, on any device. We will ensure that you get an online, real-time stream of data on your cash flow and business performance, 24/7, from anywhere on the globe!


Your choice.

Whatever your business requires when it comes to all tax filings, accounting and bookkeeping, we’re with you all the way.

We can tailor our system so that it fits the way you do things.


We’ll keep your books up to date.